I would describe myself as a goofy, loveable, having that nonchalant confidence, strong willed and kind hearted person. I know the value of hard work, i have intellect and am big on honesty and loyalty. I am also locked up in a prison and have been behind bars for 30 years. Because I have been locked up so long I'm now embarking on a journey to re-invent myself. It's very important to me to expand my horizons far beyond these walls. The love I have inside of me gave me that little nudge of motivation and encouragement to finally take this chance in reaching out to the world.

Finding my best friend in a bisexual woman , feeling that magical chemistry is all I seem to think about. Love and being in love makes everything possible. As you read my words, how do you know it's not you I have dreamed about all these years? We go slow writing letters, talking about anything and everything over the phone, naturally seeing how compatible we are. Are you open minded and curious? Are you a woman who possesses that natural gentleness about you? Do you have a playful imagination and creative romantic personality?

Do you find me intriguing enough to take that leap of faith? I am enthusiastic about meeting you, and anxiously await your letter and photo. To E-mail me go to AccessCorrections.com -or- Telemate.com -or- call: 1-866-516-0115.


Date of Birth : 9/15/65


Tim Sundeen # 6998060
Oregon State Penetentiary
2605 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97310 USA