Hello Everyone my name is Donato .  I’m a 34 year old SWM with Black Hair and Hazel  eyes. I’m Irish and Italian and weigh around 180lbs and am 5’10”.  I  do have a lot of tattoos., but I can dress in clothes that cover most of them up , and look like the guy next door…..well  almost!  My release date is February of 2016.
I am fortunate enough to still have my career as a foreman with a demolition company when I  am released .  The work is rough, but the pay is great and that enables me to get to do the things in life I want to do.
In any relationship romantic or otherwise I believe in honesty., trust and being able to count on each other while having good communication. I’m hoping to start a friendship that develops into something more . I‘m just looking for that right person to laugh and enjoy life with , and make each other happy. 
Just a few of my interests are all genres of music from country to rock…. to anything outdoors ….and to  trying new things. I can be adventurous occasionally! But then I could slow everything down.  I know how to cook so a night at home would  be just as great.  And I love the beach.
I’ll end here. If what I’ve written interests you and want to know more.... write back. Tell me about yourself. Also at this time the housing unit I’m in.... CANNOT RECEIVE PICTURES.  But that will change soon.  Have a good day and hey………..SMILE!


Date of Birth: 12/30/81

Donato Gentile #610610


27268 Hwy. 21

Angie , Louisiana, 70426 USA