I guess this is the part of the application where I tell a little about me. Well, first and foremost I'm innocent and wrongfully convicted. I'm funny with a great sense of humor. My personality is outgoing and unique. I have a lot of confidence and good self-esteem. I'm a father of four that I do my best to raise from these walls. I write and sing music everyday, it is my passion . I try to be positive and optimistic. I am very understanding and a great listener.

Enough about me though. I'm not signing up for this to get to know me cause that would be weird. LOL . I'm seeking friendship, legal help, supporters, advocates, and of course maybe that " special one " . But just cause I'm in Prison doesn't mean I have time to waste, so this is for those interested. And I do not need a counselor, or a reverend... cause Lord knows I need to practice what I preach sometimes.

For real, the truth is if you don't want to know me then you'll probably never know the coolest person that walked the Earth, other then Jesus ...of course! Hope to hear from you....

Date of Birth : 4/21/88

Aaron Dietrich # 719006
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036 USA