Poem titled :


"Down , Deep, Dark Tunnel, Can't find a way out; not till I turn to the

left I find another tunnel, Down, Deep, Dark Tunnel! I

Search around to Find away out but All I See are more tunnels. This

Down , Deep, Dark Tunnel is all I see, But why do I turn

to the Right and Not to the Left Cause everytime I turn I find

Down, Deep ,Dark Tunnels! There's no way out of these tunnels But

the tunnel with More Twist and Turns, Ups and Down, and Left and Rights, But

all I can Feel and hear is Drip, Drip , Drip! Down, Deep, Dark tunnels!

Down , Deep Dark tunnels, is the way Find a way -out,

Till the Down Deep, Dark tunnels, are the way to be Found in

these Down, Deep, Dark tunnels, But I keep looking to

Find a way out of the Winding, Ups and Downs, Left, Right, and Back

and Forth,, Down Deep,Dark tunnels."


Poem submitted by: Anthony Kochanski ( Age 30, Asian, 6'1" tall and 233lbs.)

Date of Birth : 2/3/86

Anthony Kochanski # 1938148
Cell - N-308-b
Coffield Unit 26661 F.M. 2054
Tennessee Colony, TX. 75884 USA